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Sunmarco Hanger founders based their business on three principles: Best price, Best quality, Best service. This was their website, built to promote their products The Guilin Sunmarco Hanger Co., Ltd appears to be still operating in China, but nevertheless, this site's domain registration expired and as a consequence, the site disappeared from the web. When I discovered that the domain was available I bought it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website.

I happen to be part of a healthcare data analytics team. The progressive software company I work for sends us all over the U.S. to help businesses / organizations with their software. We do a lot of custom software development. One of the most exciting areas is healthcare data analytics. You may be aware that national and local patient safety scorecards are starting to gain traction with both hospitals and patients. Although the practice of using healthcare big data to improve patient care and healthcare deliverables is still in its inception, those of us who are working on custom coding for the analytics feel that it can and will change the face of healthcare as we now know it. Another observation is that often the solution is much simpler than we imagine if we over-think the problem. For example, delivering excellent healthcare relies on many diverse factors, some very simple. Like cleanliness. Hospitals like St. Johns are reporting large improvements in wellness simply by paying rigorous attention to cleanliness. After consulting with CDC experts and enagaging a reputable cleaning supplies resource to ensure that staff always had access for supplies, management used data to determine where the effort should be focused. Hand sanitizers are now present in convenient locations so that caregivers can prevent the passing of bacteria. Keeping the floors clean was another major data identified need. Anti-bacterial detergents and cleansing agents are the key players and the data identifies the most vulnerable areas and the best times to clean.

When I told my team mates what I was planning to do with the Sunmarco Hanger's site they thought it was really cool. The web is a constantly expanding source of information. There is so much to learn. So why not understand what makes a good hanger.


Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent.
Now let's take a nostalgic stroll back to

Best price, Best quality, Best service are noble principles. I only wish all companies had such priciples and actually embraced them. When companies fail to offer the best quality, consumers can lose big time, particularly if it is a medical decives. Take for example retrievable IVC filters designed to stop or catch blood clots travelling through the inferior vena cava, to prevent a pulmonary embolism. The primary manufacturers of IVC filters include:

  • R. Bard, Inc.
  • Cordis Corporation
  • Cook Medical
  • Argon Medical Devices
  • Volcano Corporation

The Bard G2 IVC filter, manufacturered by R. Bard, Inc., is one of the most egregious examples of a company putting their profits over the well being of the people they were suppose to help. During one of the earlier lawsuits, it became apparent that the manufacturer, R. Bard, was aware of their IVC filter's potential dangers, but failed to report the risks to the FDA. Hundreds of patients who had IVC filters implanted are at rick. There are now numerous IVC filter attorneys reaching out to the recipients of these retrievable IVC filters and filing legal claims against some of these manufacturers for poor design as well as manufacturing and failing to warn of the potential risks that have caused serious complications. It's a sad state of affairs where profit is the all mighty goal. I use the IVCfilter debacle as an example since my father suffered fatal consequences from a defective Bard IVC filter. Sadly, there are so many more examples of morally corrupt businesses who are hurting not only consumers, but also our environment. The world needs more companies like Sunmarco Hanger.


Sunmarco Hanger Business Principles:


Best price: Sunmarco Hanger is an efficient factory and applies critical management system to control cost of production, so we are able to pledge that our prices must be the most competitive within China.

Best quality: Products with the best quality always brings many return customers, so we never neglect any detail that may affect product quality. Capable QC inspectors supervise the whole production process and write daily reporst. A final inspection is also taken before shipment to insure that our products are the best quality.

Best service: The best service means responding quickly and professionally (within 24 hours), to our customers or potential customers. We has established an International Sales Department and After-sale Department to work closely with clients to keep our business running smoothly. Our departments deal with complaints immediately.



In 1996, Sunmarco Hanger was founded at Lipu County Guilin city, South China, where enjoys the reputation of having the most beautiful scenery in the world. At the beginning, Sunmarco Hanger was a small factory with 20 people, producing some kinds of wooden articles for local market. While Guilin city has gradually formed the largest hanger production base in China, Sunmarco Hanger seized the opportunity to focus its business on professional hangers making and altered the strategy on exploring international market since 1998. 10 years later, Sunmarco Hanger has become a competitive player in international hanger market.

Now, Sunmarco Hanger’s primary products are wooden hangers and metal hangers, with a range of more than 100 styles. We are proud to proclaim the production capability of the factory can reach 8 million pcs per year (i.e. 20,000 pcs per day) and even more! We are very pleased to provide professional OEM service for the clients according to their requirements. We pledge all information from clients is under top confidentiality.


Why Select Several Different Types Of Hangers For Your Clothes?

Most of us don't spend some time observing our garment hangers at home. In fact, most of us seldom consider we should have kept several different types of hangers at home. We are just not aware of that different hangers benefit different garments.

We don't recommend hanging sweaters on a wire hanger. Wire hangers can rust and cause stains on sweaters, and also cause dent and pucker if it's been hanging on wire for too long. The best choose for sweaters are padded silk or satin hangers. The sweater can hang gently on the hanger and you won't have to worry about puckers, dents or the sweater stretching with its own weight. If your sweater is wet, you might try using garment hangers made of foam. These will absorb moisture instead of causing damage to the hanger or sweater.

Heavy wood hangers are best choice for suit jackets and winter coats. It's heavy and will hold the weight of the garment without bending. There are also some wood hangers with clamps to hold suit pants or skirts and jackets together.

Cushioned satin hangers are ideal for hanging delicate garments such as silk blouses or lingerie. The cushioning protects the garment from shoulder dents and brown rust stains. It also protects the fabric from bumps, bulges and stretching.

Acrylic hangers can retain the shape garments. Like wood hangers these hangers can have clamps to help keep pants and skirts in place. Department stores most often use acrylic hangers to display merchandise.

Plastic hangers are inexpensive and sold widely. These are all purpose hangers, except not suitable for hanging delicate garments or sweaters.  Plastic hangers won't get tangled in the closet the way wire hangers might.
So, why not selecting the right hangers for your garments to prolong the life of your clothes?

By Thomas Xu
Sunmarco Hanger


Concave vs. Straight

We often get asked the question; to concave or not to concave? No matter how hard we've tried, we haven't been able to obtain hard data to which is better. It boils down to a matter of preference. It seems most would agree that a concave hanger is shaped more closely to the human shoulder. Therefore, many would agree concave hangers are more appealing since they fill the shoulders "better".

If your most of your racks are T-stands are forward facing, the concave hanger may show slightly better.

If most racks are circular then you may not get the advantage. Some would argue that concave hangers take up more space.

We've tested this theory and it holds some truth although the difference is truly negligible. The concaves fit together ("spooning effect") thereby, reducing most space issues. The straight hanger is tried and true. It shows well no matter what the circumstances. The shoulders fill out just fine.

Ok. So to make a long story short...It's a matter of preference.

By Thomas Xu
Sunmarco Hanger


Hangers Matter For Efficiently Utilizing Your Closet

With the return of warm weather comes, it's the time to organize the overstuffed closet that is full of clothes. However, the hangers you have may make a difference in how well you utilize your closet space.

Take a look at the advice from Building and Remodeling magazine: "The simple matter of selecting the right hangers can make organizing your closet infinitely easier. You want to get rid of all your wire hangers -- and not because you've watched Mommie Dearest too many times! Getting rid of wire hangers will be better for your clothes AND your closet! Replace wire hangers with plastic or wood. If you wear larger sizes, invest in extra large hangers. Then put foam covers on all your hangers since this will eliminate clothes slipping off the hanger to land in a silken pile on your closet floor."

If Sunmarco's wire hanger is not appropriate for your closet, how about trying Sunmarco's wood hangers or plastic hangers, or foam cover hangers?

In a word, we produce any kinds of hangers you may desire.

By Thomas Xu
Sunmarco Hanger


Never Let Your Hangers Be Useless

One day, You may find that you have accumulated more hangers than your need. When you are considering whether you should go and buy some more clothes for all excessive hangers or perhaps instead just toss them away, consider the following suggestions for all those extra hangers:

  • * Bend the ends of a wire hanger upwards to make a hanging shoe drying rack.
  • * Since wire hangers really are made of wire, they can be taken apart using pliers and wire cutters. The resulting lengths of wire can be used the same as any other wire.
  • * Make a paper towel holder by cutting the center out of the bottom of a hanger and inserting the ends into a roll of paper towels. Or if your hanger is sturdy enough, just cut one end away and put the roll on the remaining bottom wire. Bend the cut ends back on themselves and cover with tape.
  • * Take a hanger apart and use it to fish things from behind the refrigerator, under the bed, etc.
  • * Spear marshmallows or hotdogs on them and roast them over an open fire.
  • * Replace plastic hanging pot holders with wire from a wire hanger. The hook part is already there, so leave it on. Cut the bottom in the center, creating two "legs" and fastening another piece for the third leg to stabilize it. Insert into holes in the rim of the planter, bend and twist to secure.
  • * Make Christmas decorations from them, for indoor or outdoor use by shaping them into stars, trees, etc.
  • * Make wreaths by rounding a wire hanger and using it for the base. Tie yarn, plastic bags strips, or wire greenery or artificial flowers to it, then let your imagination run with this one.
  • * Use the wire from several hangers to create a mini greenhouse. Bend the wire into a "U" shape and push the ends into the soil in a container, then cover with a clear plastic bag or plastic wrap.
  • * Still have an excess of wire hangers? Donate them to women's shelters, transition houses, thrift stores (especially those run by non profit organizations), homeless shelters, or dry cleaners. All these places would love to have extra hangers.

By Thomas Xu
Sunmarco Hanger